Love Wags A Tail Dog Training, 954-768-9696, specializes in professional boarding and training for dogs and puppies in South Florida. Helen Verte is the owner and trainer providing housetraining and/or manners, obedience training, and relief from behavior problems through board-and-train.

Guarantee: I do not use pain to train. Your dog will be encouraged into good behavior. I do not threaten or abuse dogs with shock, prong, choke, or any other pain devices. I use food reinforcement, clear and incremental training plans, toys, and praise. Humane-based training works. There is absolutely no need to hurt dogs to modify or create behaviors.

BehaveThink on This! Helen Verte’s Board-and-train dog training is the most effective and efficient way to change the behavior of dogs who embarrass or frustrate their owners, dogs and puppies who lack obedience and housetraining skills, and dogs who can’t control their impulses.

Is your pooch unruly at times?
Does your dog embarrass you on walks?
pulling you, lunging, barking at dogs, Cujo-like
* Do you cringe at your dog’s impulsive behaviors?
jumping on people or counters, dashing out doors
* Do you find urine and feces in the house?
from a pup, rescue, or even after all these years
* Does your puppy love to gnaw and nip?
chewing, biting, tugging on anything that moves
* Do you compare your new dog with a past dog?
not smart enough, too smart, hard to train
* Do you get frustrated when your dog ignores you? Come, come, come, sit, sit, sit, no, no, no! These behaviors can be resolved efficiently through our board-and-train program!

Through training…

My Dog Training Certifications 2015

Helen Verte Schwarzmann

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Certified in Training and Counseling
Certified Pet Dog Trainer-KA
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Your Board-and-Train Dog Trainer for Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Weston, and South Florida


By Helen Verte
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