C L A S S E S   S T A R T I N G   S O O N   ( C L I C K )

Do You Love Your Dog But Find Some of His Behaviors Frustrating, Annoying, Or Embarrassing?

Maybe your dog ignores you. Especially in the face of distractions. Or his housetraining is incomplete. You know there’s a good canine citizen and awesome family member in your dog and we can help you bring that out of him.  Contact us.

Helen Verte Schwarzmann Certified Professional Dog TrainerMy name is Helen Verte Schwarzmann and I’m a reward-based certified dog trainer in Fort Lauderdale and  Broward county, South Florida. If you’re frustrated with your dog’s behavior and are ready for effective training, let’s talk.

We will train your dog so he’ll make the decisions that you want him to make.  And we teach you how to reward those decisions so they remain intact and strong.  The best part is you’ll have fun!

We work with clients in home and on location and offer personalized training services that cater to people who treat their dogs like family and to those who care that their dogs are trained and treated humanely. We offer a variety of packages to address the resources and training goals of our clients. We listen carefully to the problem, then design and carry out personalized training plans that create solutions and provide relief and support to you.

Doggy Day Care BrowardContact us today to get started on your personalized, solutions-based dog training plan.

Helen Verte
Certified in Training and Counseling
Certified Pet Dog Trainer-KA,
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Your Dog Trainer for Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County South Florida

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By Helen Verte
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