Call 954-684-5288 if you’re looking for dog training solutions that are understandable, measurable, and tailored to resolving the challenges you’re facing with your dog, or to reach the goals you want to accomplish with your dog. I’m the reward-based certified dog trainer in Broward county, South Florida, who will provide you with effective and efficient training and instruction to create those changes you desire in your dog’s behavior. To learn how using my dog training methods will provide relief from frustration, and produce noticeable results in your dog, contact me.

You can do nothing, and nothing will change. But you’re here because you need help, and I have tried-and-true dog training solutions that work. So take the next step and contact me.

I’ll provide solutions whether you need help with fear and aggressionchanging naughty behaviorsraising a puppy or rescue dog, housetraining, or any other goals. I work with clients in home and on location and offer personalized training services that cater to dog guardians who treat their dogs like family and care that their dogs are trained and treated humanely.

What are your dog training goals? I’ll listen to your requisites, then design and carry out personalized training plans that will effectively and efficiently create the behaviors and changes you desire.

Love Wags A Tail trains dogs through motivational reinforcement using that wonderful creation – the dog’s mind. Clicker training, marker words, motivation by food, toys, and life rewards are the tools I use to train dogs. Dog training should inspire joy in both the dog’s guardian and the dog. Reward-based dog training is a phenomenal and life changing experience!

Contact me today to get started on your personalized, solutions-based dog training plan.

Helen Verte Schwarzmann, Certified Pet Dog Trainer-KA,
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Your Dog Trainer for Broward County South Florida

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By Helen Verte