Ball Machines And Dogs

If you have a dog who is fanatic about retrieving, he may like to learn to use a ball machine. No matter if a dog would like to use a ball machine to keep a fetch game going after his owner wears out, or if the dog only learns to use a ball machine as a trick, with most dogs, it takes extensive training. Training a dog to use the ball machine requires a chain of behaviors. That means you {Read More}

Thanksgiving Puggle Graduates Top of Our Board-and-Train Class

We enjoyed having Semi the Puggle in the Love Wags A Tail Thanksgiving board-and-train program this 2017. He is a fabulously smart kid, and he had a lot of fun while learning all his new behaviors. He graduated with a lot under his graduation cap and played hard with the resident kids as well. Congratulations Semi! Board-and-Train is an efficient way to get a dog on track to new behaviors. Join us! To send your dog to the Love Wags {Read More}

Halloween Dog Training Fun

Halloween greetings from Love Wags A Tail board-and-train dog training. We are enjoying the day with some naturally orange pumpkin-peanut butter homemade Halloween cookies for the dogs, and being a little bit spooky decked out in festive dog collars, burning candles in our jack-o-lantern candle holders, and doing tricks around the pumpkin patch for those cookies. OK, it’s a one-pumpkin pumpkin patch, but it’s a big one. We have other holidays up ahead of us. If you are taking a {Read More}

Bouncy Dogs Inform Their Playmates

When watching dogs play chase, be mindful of the bouncy play style, which is what we’re looking for. When dogs play chase, this happy, puppy-like romping informs other dogs that “We are playing! It’s not the real thing.” If playing chase turns into flat style running where one dog is being chased hard by one or more dogs, then it’s time to call everyone back in for a cool down period, or to separate the chaser/s from the chased. Flat {Read More}

Easy Clip for Your Dog’s Tags

I was tired of wrestling with my dogs’ tags whenever I wanted to change their collars. In addition, when dogs come into my board-and-train dog training programs, I always put a tag on them with my local information. All this tag changing proved to be frustrating with the normal split ring that tag makers send with their tags. I looked around to find a clip that would hold the tags securely and one which I could exchange from collar to {Read More}

Leaping Dobermann Targets Back Seat of Truck

My latest Dobermann is a board-and-train who needs multiple sessions a week in high-distraction environments. So I take him around town to train. He rides in the backseat like a pro, looking out the window and watching the scenery. But what he didn’t do with his bouncy, long-legged self prior to our drives around town was jump into the back seat of my F-150. I invited him up day after day, but it always ended with my having to hoist {Read More}

Graduation Video 4-month-old Skateboarding Mini Aussie

Love Wags A Tail’s latest graduation video with Smokey, the 4-month-old Mini Aussie, as the skateboarding star. To send your dog to the Love Wags A Tail humane boot camp board-and-train dog training program, for motivational learning with our cast of characters, contact us with your dog training, behavior modification wish list for more information. Helen Verte Schwarzmann Contact me Certified in Training and Counseling Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed Certified Trick Dog Instructor AKC STAR Puppy, CGC, and Trick {Read More}

The Stubborn, Willful, Spiteful Dog Myth

People call me with stories of their stubborn, willful, spiteful dogs, and the list of derogatory adjectives go on from there. And I understand. People are frustrated, and we are people after all, so we are going to think from a people-perspective. But dogs aren’t people, so they don’t think the way people think. Dogs aren’t any of those unpleasant terms we apply to them. What dogs are doing when they behave unfavorably is either entertaining their own interests or {Read More}

Categorizing Dog Training Food

When training your pet dog, have a variety of training food at your disposal. Prepping dog training food ahead of time is a sure fire way to be expedient at reinforcement when you need it. Having to prep food at the spur of the moment can be impossible. For example, when you are housetraining your dog or puppy, have a good training food at the ready so it is in your bait pouch everytime you take your pooch outside. If {Read More}

The Bottom Line To Success in Dog Training

Everybody needs motivation to learn, get things done, and sometimes, just to get out of bed in the morning. Our dogs are no different. Teaching them new behaviors or to maintain ones they’ve learned, in other words to listen to us, requires motivation. We at Love Wags a Tail dog training believe in motivating dogs through food. Not treats. Food. Good food that gets us noticed and gets our dogs and our client dogs to work for us. Reward based {Read More}

Board-and-Train Easter Egg Hunt

What’s more fun than an Easter Egg Hunt? A tuna fudge hunt! That’s the game our board-and-train and resident dogs got to play this springtime afternoon. Dogs love to use their noses, so we give them what they love at Love Wags A Tail Dog Training. All dogs are non-food aggressive and they know each other well enough to participate in this group activity. Of course, this game can be played anytime of the year, and your dog will always {Read More}

Please Consider Rescuing a Shelter Dog

Orphaned dogs who need rescuing, rehoming, and another chance aren’t damaged goods. Everyone of them has a story to tell and every single dog needs training to become a beloved companion. Puppies, adults, seniors are in shelters needing another chance. By adopting and investing time in your new dog’s training, their lives will be dramtically improved. If they don’t get training, they don’t know what behaviors will get them the attention they desire, so they make their own choices. I {Read More}

Golden Retriever Labrador Puppy Graduate of Board-and-Train

One of Love Wags A Tail’s recent puppy graduates came to our board-and-train program for the works. She needed to gain confidence, start housetraining, and learn the basic cues of sit, down, stay, and come when called. We also included a trick – roll over. Buttercup was afraid of things that blew in the wind, objects that were unfamiliar to her, and she was still deciding on whether strangers were worth her trust or not. She loved to play with {Read More}

Wholesome Halloween Treats For Dogs

Helen Verte Schwarzmann Contact me Certified in Training and Counseling Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed Certified Trick Dog Instructor Your Board-and-Train Dog Trainer for south Florida

Relief In Housetraining

I will be moving soon, and I have 4 feral cats I’ve spayed and neutered and cared for, which I’ll take with me. My neighborhood has a multitude of abandoned cats. A Tom cat has been insisting, though, to be part of my cat clan. He is so persistent, by bumping my kitties out of the food bowl, that after months of this, I decided to add him to the pack, which means a neutering/rabies vaccine and an ear notching {Read More}