Golden Retriever Labrador Puppy Graduate of Board-and-Train

One of Love Wags A Tail’s recent puppy graduates came to our board-and-train program for the works. She needed to gain confidence, start housetraining, and learn the basic cues of sit, down, stay, and come when called. We also included a trick – roll over.

Buttercup was afraid of things that blew in the wind, objects that were unfamiliar to her, and she was still deciding on whether strangers were worth her trust or not. She loved to play with all the resident dogs and our other board-and-train puppy, so dog-dog interactions were comfortable to her.

She graduated with a lot of training and experiences under her collar. Upon her return home, we have gotten updates on her progress. Her owners are following along on the Love Wags A Tail maintaining the training plans and Buttercup’s future is looking happy and secure.

If you have a dog or puppy who needs a great start on a lifelong maintaining the training plan, contact Love Wags A Tail for an initial interview.

Helen Verte Schwarzmann
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