Please Consider Rescuing a Shelter Dog

Orphaned dogs who need rescuing, rehoming, and another chance aren’t damaged goods. Everyone of them has a story to tell and every single dog needs training to become a beloved companion. Puppies, adults, seniors are in shelters needing another chance. By adopting and investing time in your new dog’s training, their lives will be dramtically improved. If they don’t get training, they don’t know what behaviors will get them the attention they desire, so they make their own choices. I traing dogs to make the choices that get them the most attention, then I teach their owners how to play the training games to maintain those desirable behaviors.

Adopt and find out how much fun it is to train a dog through reward-based training. You’ll learn how to play training games that will create laughter and joy between you and your dog everyday of his life.

Helen Verte Schwarzmann
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Certified in Training and Counseling
Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Your Board-and-Train Dog Trainer for south Florida